Artist Statement

As a pictorial artist, I work the limits of the picture plane. I draw and paint and push imagery toward abstraction. In my years of practice, I have focused on both the landscape and the figure and have internalized rhythms and gestures from each.

The landscape provides a strong sense of orientation to ground and sky and the natural elements. Landscape is gravity, movement, space, and atmosphere. It is constant even as it changes.

The human figure is intensely familiar and generates a feeling of intimacy as well as empathy. The figure has an almost inevitable tendency to evoke narrative, which I may choose to sublimate or to explore. When I choose a narrative, I often develop it through multiple images and work in life-size scale.

Both subjects provide opportunities to express light as a visual phenomenon and as metaphor.

In both drawing and painting I add and subtract material, allowing imagery to evolve. Whether I am working on paper or canvas, the surface becomes terrain and territory. Form and space fluctuate. This process, which requires a tolerance for uncertainty, leads me toward the realization of a more potent personal truth.